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    Update for The Week Empty Update for The Week

    Post  Zachary Biggs on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:59 am

    Hey guys! Welcoming a "Late Week" Announcement!

    More Rares Will be added to TI!!!
    And We will have a Miscrits Robot Contest for the Cyborg/Robot Contest!

    Get your Submissions in Fast!!! Cause we Will be Allowing Every Element in! So You can Pick your Idea! remember though! Cyborgs and Robots only! You can find the Contest Rules in the Fan Fiction forum now!
    We will have one winner as Usual!
    The Winner Deserves---
    Access to the Ancient Alterian Temple!
    5,000 Coconuts(Gems)
    100 Platinum(In TI)
    10,000 Gold(In TI)
    So Much Rewards!

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