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    Post  Zachary Biggs on Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:38 am

    These are VERY many questions asked and are obvious what the Answer is Exclamation Exclamation

    #1-Is this site free???
    Ans-Yes it is very free Sign in using E-mail and a Password and make a Screen Name cyclops

    #2-Where is the Game???
    Ans- Rolling Eyes We have said the Game may take a While to create and it Is NOT out yet and won't be any time soon We have many Miscrits to do and Many Stuff to do don't get your hopes up! We may have it by at around Late December or Beginning of February next year.

    #3-May I create a Post?
    Ans- lol! If you can on Miscrits you can here!

    #4-How many crits can i Enter in a Contest?
    Ans- Laughing 1

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